Hi. I'm not yet back actually, just wanna inform you muggles that I'm still here. Alive. Just in case you think that I'm....... dead already. x
      Honestly, I lost my interest in blogging. Please don't ask me why. But don't you worry I'm trying my best to get my interest back. Pray for me nah? So muggles, how are you guys? Well for me, I've been doing fine. Although new shit happens everyday. But that's what life is, so what can I do? Just pray for the best. Ok now, school's life is getting worst than everrrrrrrrrrr maigad. I've been very unproductive since lately. I go to school with nothing and go back home with nothing too. Ehehe you get what I mean right? Idk what's wrong with myself   :(

      I've been trying my best to change. I wanna be more "pendiam" and more hardworking of course. I don't want to join those hangouts or whatever anymore or pendek kata, I wanna hide myself from the society. Idk I just think that this new society sucks so bad. Everything is fame you all could think. Like there's nothing else that could keep you alive. Ugh. Well I could just pray for God to open your hearts, especially the ones who had left me.

So there's nothing else to tell.................. bye.